The vineyard of Champagne Lacroix-Triaulaire is composed of 55 % Pinot Noir, 35 % Pinot Meunier, 9.5 % Chardonnay and 0.5 % Pinot Blanc. Young vines mix with older ones in equal number, to produce balanced and qualitative wines.

Sensitized to the environment, water saving, soil care, Marie-Claire and Théodore, as learned and passionate wine-growers, rather choose natural methods: no weed killer, no insecticide; the terroir is sustained with “organic’ broad principles.

According to Théodore, as his father François had established, a vine must be natural. Inventive and insatiable, François had known how to acquire some technical and practical knowledge to become an accomplished wine-grower and wine-maker. He managed to use new techniques to protect his vineyard, such as a sprinkler system commonly used today by all wine-growers in the village.

Pruning operations of the vineyard never start before Saint-Vincent. Once pruning operations are ended, grinding is made on site, and then the wood is integrated into the ground but not burnt, to avoid damaging the soils and their minerality. The harvest is a significant moment of the house’s life.

A close follow-up

Théodore, like his father before him, notes down the instructions of his new concluding practices in a small notebook which he keeps, like an encyclopaedia of experiences and trials on vine and wine; a close follow-up of each idea, each innovation.