The range of champagnes and alcohols of Champagne Lacroix-Triaulaire is a volume of well-crafted works, hard worked with inventiveness and passion. Discovering one of their achievements listed here, is a book opening onto the Aube terroir and the house style … If you can easily read its history via its cuvees, Champagne Lacroix-Triaulaire invite its amateurs to excel themselves too by learning how to detect their aromas.

Le biographe

"Le biographe" is by definition, the signature of our House style. Its aromas come from the blending of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier including some reserve wines. The depiction of our terroir and history.

67% Pinot Noir,
17% Chardonnay
and 16% Pinot Meunier
41 % of reserve wines
Ageing: 2 years and a half
Dosage: 9 g/l (Brut)

Its colour is pale gold and shiny. It envelops a nose of toasted notes, pralines and mature fruits such as plum or figs. Its finish is sweeter, fresh, and faithful to the House style. « Le biographe » is a composition dedicated to thirst as in great occasions, for sheer and gourmet pleasure.

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"L’interprète" is a vintage wine: indeed it transcribes a particularly remarkable year. Composed of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, it is the translation of a notable expression of our vineyard and Chardonnay grape-variety.

80 % Chardonnay
20 % Pinot Noir
100 % cuvee
Ageing: 4 years
Dosage: 9 g/l (Brut)

With its pale golden colour, "L’interprète" smells disclose aromas of white fruits such as pear, then citrus, pineapple, apricot and toasted bread. In the palate, its fleshy, ample and tonic attack makes it perfect for tasting during an aperitif.

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Poésie fruitée

"Poésie fruitée" is the Rosé of the House. It invites you to a lyric interlude between red fruits and citrus. It comes from the vintage blending of our three grape-varieties: Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay, it is fruity and festive.

45 % Pinot Noir
35 % Pinot Meunier
20 % Chardonnay
Ageing: 5 years
Dosage: 9 g/l (Brut)

Its colour is characterized by a nice shiny salmon pink with copper glints, enhanced by some fine and rapid effervescence. In the nose, red fruits mix with plum before letting in aromas of citrus, exotic fruits and kirsch. Its finish delivers round and gourmet flavours that make this champagne match with a red fruit sabayon or at aperitif.

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Roman d’hiver

"Roman d’hiver" is an artwork produced from the exclusive selection of grapes from a single harvest. This vintage combines the three grape-varieties (Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay) with increased ageing

54 % Pinot Noir
36 % Pinot Meunier
10 % Chardonnay
Ageing: 9 years
Dosage: 7 g/l (Brut)

Delivered in a golden yellow colour, its successive sipping reveals its flavours: chopped oranges, notes of honey, bergamot and stewed fruits create its richness. They are followed by fragrances of old rum, sweet spices, chocolate and tobacco. Its fruity and vinous character is reflected before being refreshed by an acidic finish. Enjoy this artwork in winter during an evening by the fireplace, or while tasting a Tatin pie, mature Comté cheese or duck roasted in honey.

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"Les premiers piquets de vignes"

"Les premiers piquets de vignes" tells the birth story of Champagne Lacroix-Triaulaire vineyard. In 1972, François, plants his very first vines in a ground with a trade name cleared by his parents and himself. He cherished the grape-variety of our terroir: the intensely fruity Pinot Noir. Gradually, the young wine-grower covered 20 ares, then 40 ares, and thereby the writing of the winemaking chapter started … This hard work combined with his passion for wine sign today frank, rich and intense champagne.

100 % Pinot Noir
Locality: Val Soulois
Limited Edition
Ageing: 6 years
Dosage: 6 g/l (Extra-brut)

Like François did, enjoy notes of fruit pastes and roasting offered by this single grape-variety. A perfect harmony creates in the palate: spicy sensations, elegance and generous finish, calling for a gastronomic match.

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Mont Marvin

"Mont Marvin" got its name from the eponymous locality from where it is extracted. Quintessence of the terroir and know-how of the House, by exploring Mont Marvin you will discover an innovative triptych produced from a single grape-variety –Pinot Meunier -, from a single year and a single terroir.

100 % Pinot Meunier
100 % cuvee
Locality: Mont Marvin
Ageing: 5 years
Dosage: 6 g/l (Extra Brut)

Reaching the mount "Mont Marvin", is like travelling in a pale golden colour vivid with soft green hints inside slow and fine bubbles. It is like smelling aromas of white fruits, quince and honey, and vanilla. It is like tasting an elegant wine, crunchy and soft. It is like sharing a tasting between œnophiles during an aperitif, or with some river fish, or with a pie made with yellow-fleshed fruits.

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The cuvee "Champraux" has been developed by Théodore on his arrival in the estate. Produced from a single grape-variety, Champraux is the perfect definition of Pinot Noir. Its character is expressive, rich and fruity. No doubt its limited edition will surprise you.

100 % Pinot Noir
100 % cuvee
Limited Edition
Locality: Champraux
Ageing: 5 years
Dosage: 4 g/l (Extra brut)

The colour is golden and shiny; the nose is straight, mineral and pure, exuding aromas of white fruits, chopped pear and apple, fresh bread and dried fruits like almond or nut. Tasting reveals the powerful, firm and frank character of the wine, quickly replaced by some fruity and crunchy freshness. It will be perfect during a seafood meal, with feathered game, or for forward thinkers, served with pan-fried foie gras or bitter chocolate.

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